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July 03, 2017


K.N. McBride

You're halfway there - you're seeing Trump's position quite well. What you're missing is that CNN is actually being goaded to destroy itself.

It's like the Ents attacking Orthanc: they can't get a grip on its enchanted surface so they just start hammering it, injuring themselves but doing no harm to the tower. Unlike the Ents, no one at CNN has the brains to call a halt to the mayhem.

CNN is reaping short-term gains but at a long-term cost. Their brand is in ruins and their reputation stinks. When they report a story, even neutral people have to wonder how long before the retraction comes out.

And now they decided to blackmail the guy who made the video clip, further cementing the image of them as callous bullies. It takes a special skill to make the most powerful man in the world look like a brave underdog, but CNN is proving itself up to the task.


Actually, it clicked for me the other day looking at the video that the President twitted, of him beating on Vince McMahon back in the day, and with McMahon's face swapped out for a CNN logo.

Some people took this as an attack on the media. But you know what? Professional wrestling is more of a highly kinetic theatre than a sport. Wrestlers have to work closely to make it look like they're beating each other up, and stay safe. It's when things go wrong that wrestlers are injured.

McMahon and Trump have a relationship going back decades, and working together on the squared-circle stage as antagonists is can extraordinary expression of trust. So what does it mean, then, that McMahon's face is obscured by the CNN logo?

I'll suggest it means that Trump's feud with "The Media" (aka 'Legacy Media,' etc) is a worked shoot for the purposes of distracting and amusing the punters. Trump tweeting 'Fake News!' at CNN and company isn't a genuinely antagonistic relationship. It's a mutually advantageous one. The Media gets much-needed revenue 'opposing' the President, and he gets a distraction (and hence a free hand) to engage in the business of gov't.

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