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July 08, 2017


K.N. McBride

Allow me to clarify.

When I said reporters needed no more than a high-school education, I referring to the qualifications necessary to start them on the skilled trade path.

Just like other skilled trades, reporting should have a heavy dose of on-the-job training and the elements you refer to regarding libel, style, etc. can be introduced gradually as the apprentice gains experience and additional responsibility.

This approach would not only produce better writing and reportage, but also be much less expensive for students.

I also don't think that there can be any comparison between the quality of undergraduate education you got in 1983 (or I got in the early 90s) vs the crap being dished out today.

You degree required more intellectual rigor, better critical thinking and imparted better life skills than what today's graduates are getting - and it cost 1/3 as much.

Going to J-school today is a sucker's bet. A lucky (and connected) few will end up in high-profile gigs where they can beclown themselves to their hearts' content, but both will be stuck as low-paid stringers weighed down by student loan debt.

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