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May 14, 2017



It's not anonymous. This is directly from the actors involved, including President Trump, Secretary MacMaster, Press Secretary Spicer, and Mr Comey.

K.N. McBride

I have to disagree with my esteemed co-blogger. Almost everything we hear about "disarray" in the White House comes from anonymous sources.

Who are these people? Why is it all anonymous?

To put it another way, what if the Washington Post just decided to make up the story of the day?

This may seem idle paranoia, but consider the fact that Journ-o-list did in fact exist. There was an actual conspiracy to shape the news and not a single participant was fired.

Given that, why should you believe anything that comes out of the mainstream press?

To put it another way, the Obama administration had phenomenal message discipline and fawning coverage about how great everything was going.

What interests me are results, not the daily howling of the mainstream press.


At the risk of heresy, I'm more confident in Trump selecting the right circle of advisors once he tapped H.R. McMaster. I'd imagine there's more people like him out there willing to step in and advise the President.

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