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April 19, 2017



Context is important, and I believe the first paragraph I wrote covered whether the sex of the participants should matter, but put more plainly it shouldn't matter.

That's the normative answer, the one involving 'should.' The descriptive answer, reflecting what happens in the real world, is that it matters very much.

K.N. McBride

Wow, all the writing and you completely ignored the point.

Impressive, even for you.

A person went to a demonstration with the stated intention of being violent. This person then deliberately hit someone much bigger, who hit back.

Should the sex of either participants matter?


Who the heck punches someone, anyone, for a slap? I mean, how much of a pussy do you have to be to think that is somehow merited?

Look, I get that you feel threatened by the notion of dividing people up by merit and ability rather than sex assigned at birth (yes, assigned at birth, learn about the intersexed and let me know how they fit into your male/female schema). That's okay. It's never easy when someone is saying your life needs to be more complicated to accommodate other people when your life is simple the way it is. This is when our freedom conflicts with your freedom, and that's inevitable where liberty is a virtue.

But you're not allowed to hit people. The guy shouldn't have been slapped, by anyone (ranging from a small girl to some meat-head), and he shouldn't have hit anyone. It's no excuse that she hit him first, because they should both know better.

But you know what? Men have been beating women since the dawn of time, and getting away with it. Sometimes women fight back. Sometimes women are the abusers. It's wrong either way. Your system of social ostracism doesn't exist, and has never worked to do anything more than provide a veneer of respectability for continuing and ongoing abuse. Right now the rules for assault and battery apply to both sides before the law, but the law is applied by human beings.

Here's an interesting parallel I've noticed: Take the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. If you read it as a layman, unaware of what the medical terminology means and how to understand it as a doctor, then you can self-diagnose yourself with any number of absurd-sounding mental disorders. However, once you become familiar with those mental disorders, and see how the doctors understand that manual, suddenly what seemed absurdly broad is revealed to make sense for that particular specialization.

When something about the world confuses you, and something outside of your immediate specializations and interests seems absurd and unusual, or perhaps unreasonable given a relatively low-level (high-school, college, etc) understanding of the subject, it might be worth considering that maybe you're suffering from the Dunning-Krueger effect rather than imagining that the world is full of malefic and nefarious groups attempting to undermine the natural order.

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