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December 06, 2016


K.N. McBride

You're talking about his grand strategy, not his diplomacy.

By March of 1939, Hitler had transformed Germany's standing in Europe, split the alliance against him and added substantial territory - all without war. That is a substantial achievement, one rightly noted by experts in the field and worthy of extensive study.

Taken as a whole, of course the Third Reich was a disaster for Germany, but we can still learn from it and use those parts of it that worked well - such as the Autobahn, for example.


I'm not trolling; I just don't think there's any good argument for Hitler's foreign policy being any good for him or Germany. Any foreign policy that ends up with you committing suicide and your nation conquered should be regarded as the wrong way to go about things. Both him and Germany were ground into the dirt of history as a direct result of his foreign policies.

Stalin might be a better candidate, particularly for the masterful way he manipulated his Allies as well as his enemies. Nonetheless, the current economic and technological malaise of Russia can be traced back to his policies. Now Germany is in better shape than Russia today, but that's because it was conquered by its less aggressive enemies and restored by them.

K.N. McBride

One feels, somehow or other, that you are being a troll and purposely ignoring my arguments.


One feels, somehow or other, that Hitler's foreign policy did not in fact work out for him or Germany.

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