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October 02, 2014


James Nelson

I work for a large Michigan health care organization. Over the years anyone who works in management at all has been handed larger and larger amounts of mandatory paperwork with no reduction in other responsibilities. What this means, of course, is that in order to appear to be doing one's job, a great deal of this paperwork is faked. Forms are filled in, reports are generated, and the appropriate amount of paper flows uphill.
Supposedly corporate decisions are based on the data in these reports. Are they really? Who knows or cares.
When one needs one's job and the amount of work required cannot be accomplished attitudes arise. This corporation makes a lot of noise about it's care and concern for it's employees but no one works there believes it.
The place reminds me of the stories of the old Soviet Bureaucracy. Perhaps all organizations arrive at this point eventually, including our government.

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