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November 09, 2012


Childe Roland

I would suggest the loss (if you consider Obama winning a loss, personally I see it as a wash) hangs solely on Romney and whatever buffoons allowed him to win the nomination.

This was, as many have pointed out, a historically bad candidate. He seemed grossly out of touch with the American population, telling residents of Detroit how many different Cadillac cars his wife presently drive, and had absolutely no redeeming qualities that I could discern, aside from his wonderful ideas about airplane windows.

For all of his aggressive posturing in the debates, his ideas were largely abstract. When pressed for specifics, his ideas became inane or insane. When he realized how foolish his new tax proposal sounded, he retreated from it, bolstering his reputation of being a pancake.

It very much was a case of Obama's only opponent being a total dud. An average candidate might have won this election. Romney had no chance the entire way.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to spend the next four years delighting at Obama driving the economy even further into the ground while I pick up stocks for pennies on the dollar. Obama is the best thing that could have possibly happened to my 401k.


Alternately, Obama really was doing well in the crisis and Christie appreciated the earnest support he was getting when his state was hit. Something that you're missing, which is really important, is a sense of fairness - concede what your opponents do well, and attack them for what they do not. Plenty of people on the right attacked Nate Silver for posting a model that contradicted their hope for America, and instead of taking that information as a warning, they attacked the messenger in very churlish terms.

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