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March 02, 2012


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K.N. McBride

The real tragedy is that Limbaugh scored an "own goal," allowing the left to change the subject.

Time was, liberals asked for people to tolerate different "lifestyle choices." Now it wants us to subsidize them.

When I read Fluke's statement, it struck me as comedy gold - the kind of thing you don't even need to comment on. Limbaugh wasted a great opportunity.

Meanwhile, the economy is grinding to a halt, Greece is about to default and Afghanistan is in open rebellion. But let's all talk about a radio host.

Marcus Aurelius

Just wrote to say I love your site, and look forward to you raising the tone from where mouth-breathing anti-intellectual free-loading statists have dragged it!

James Nelson

While the American people may turn away from TheOne (sic), electing Romney will solve nothing. Even if it was possible to vote our way out of this, no Republican candidate currently running will provide the answer.

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