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December 04, 2006



As you can see from the attack on the world trade center, khobar towers, the embassy in Kenya, the USS Cole, the first bombing of the world trade center, stability is frequently not in our interest. Or more precisely, our lefty friends call low level terrorist attacks upon us stability.

Too bad there is a brain filter on the left that prevents them from understanding the concept that war was declared upon us, years ago, repeatedly.


Guys, as you can see from Iraq, stability is frequently in our interests. That you cannot see that (and your proposal that we declare war on virtually the entire Middle East) proves that you do not know what you are talking about.

Keith G

Thus the Free Government of Iran should be given training facilities, equipment and propaganda (broadcast) support.

Great! Just what we need: Another ham-handed approach to the middle east. With the exception of bombing Tehran, I can think of nothing that would cause middle class Iranians to hold their nose and support the current idiots running Iran today.

Notice how successful that tactic has been in opposing Castro.

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