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April 24, 2006


Brandon Stanley

Islam must be fought. Enough of democratization, lies about the Muslim religin and ambitions, and similar garbage from our politicians. The sword is the thing which spread Islam; and by a sword Islam will surely have to die. Such a virulent and facsistic religion cannot be allowed to spread. No, cannot be allowed to exist. Call it genocidal. Genocide was an inveted term, invented by those who would deball the west at every turn. Whenever a strong western power goes to war it becomes an instant 'genocide'. Yet there comes not a word from the liberal scum when Chrisitians in Serbia are depopulated, when Cyproit Christians are made into psuedo-dhimmis, when Islam kills the Algerian Berbers who leave Islam, when Pakistani Chrisitans are bombed nearly every week, when Jewish children are incinerated in the Palestinian Holocaust on a Budget. And the list goes on. What about the Nestorian Christians? What of the fromer Lebanese Christianity? What of the forced conversions and destruction of Christian property in the West Bank? What of the complee Islamization of Indonesia and Maylasia? What about the peaceful Buddhists in Thailand? And lastly, what of the noble Moslem proselytizing of the Darfur reigion? Well perhaps they will invent a new term, "Cultural Realignment". Yes, that sounds PC enough.

By their fruits you shall know them.......

When a limb becomes gangrenous, you must amputate it, not try to disinfect it further. Like gangrene, Islam is a terrible infection. And nothing but a total devotion to the idea of its destruction will ensure long-term national survival, and at least a chance of a more peaceful future. Not just for America. We have suffered little compared to the noble Hindu, Zoroastrian, and Byzantine cultures which Islam destroyed. It is for their memory, for the crimes which surely must assail heaven with their stench, that we must dedicate a new national policy of total warfare against the enemy.

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