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September 01, 2005



Point taken. Unfortunately, though, his job, for better or worse, is to bring light onto these sorts of things, as stupid as they may appear to be. Why it's always the negative stuff that they bring light to is beyond me. I'm not trying to defend the comments they make, but this is something that will never change. You will never see a journalist say "Shepard Smith, Fox News, New Orleans. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go hand out some supplies." I've never seen a journalist lift a finger in a disaster situation, ever. And while I was in Iraq, I never saw a journalist assist in a single detail, either, so evidently it's a universal rule that journalists don't get involved, period.


My problem with this is "Well, how do I survive?" If you can't give them water or food, get the hell out of there. He may feel for them, but how does that help them?


With all respect, Shep mentioned that previously, the victims were originally told to go to the Superdome, but then the evacuation to and from the Superdome was suspended due to an incident involving shots fired at a military helicopter. He complained that there was not a backup plan when the government told these people not to go to the Superdome, so they're still stuck on I-10 with nowhere to go. However, while I agree that it does appear these folks are rubbing it in, Shep talked about the constant stream of people coming to him, asking for water. His response: When you hear these people, you want to give them everything you have, but if you do that, then how do you survive? I know, he's still a professional journalist person who is just there to film the drama, but I think he really does feel for these people.

btw, this information is courtesy of the Sean Hannity radio show

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