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April 29, 2005



Hope for what...hope for an Iraqi civil war. Hope for a world with another sadistic dictator that enjoys draining swamps and gasing groups of people to wipe out their way of life. Yeah...hooray. Whatever. My family will continue to step up and fight the good fight as they have been doing for the last several hundred years. So, run, flee, protest, give in, whine, die, or do whatever; my family will continue to protect, defend, save, and deliver.

J. M. Branum

Just wanted folks to know that Blake is a free man now in the physical sense (but he was free spiritually when he refused to fight in this immoral war).

More and more GI's are deciding daily to resist this war thank God. Their actions of conscience may be the only hope we have.

Collin Baber

Dear Posse,


Posse Incitatus

Collin, do you even read what you've written before you hit the "post" button?

Collin Baber

As the Rikki Tikki Tavi Cobra Death Trance keeps half the population of America rallying around the one who betrays them, the Bushian Warfare Cult has teamed up with Spiderman to help smash down all who challenge their nefarious plans.


About 3/4 of the way through I was cracking my knuckles and getting ready to tie it to our fearless would be leader Mr. Kerry but in the end you brought it home precisely.

I'm really baffled by the left. I have no idea why a serving Navy guy would do such a thing as miss a movement and go awol in a time of war. Its just feckin st00pid. He's just BEGGING for a 30 year sentence. From the moment I enlisted in the USMC in 1982 we were drilled on this repeatedly: you do not ever, YOU NEVER miss a movement.

And its not like he was in any real danger serving on a Navy ship. Don't misinterpret, I'm just saying serving on a ship is a helluva lot safer than convoy duty in Baghdad.

He could have applied for conscientious objector status and simply waited for it to be ruled on and he'd probably have been fine. They don't want people on ships or in units that don't want to serve and they would have just processed him out, or given him a job stapling paper together for his remaining term.

Dumb. Really, really dumb.


Beautiful post........thank you!


Beautiful post........thank you!


Beautiful post........thank you!


Beautiful post........thank you!

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