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March 30, 2005



Last time I checked, all of the pagans (not the motorcycle assoc.) that I knew in the military were DEFINITELY not peaceful pacifists. Nature is a bitch, all that natural selection going on..... Heck, I know one pagan Marine that is a norse mythos based pagan just because he likes the idea of Valhalla.....


hey C. Anderson I was also in the army and i think your comment on lutherans being chaplins is ture. But you fail to point out that Army Chaplins don't carry a firearm and and acctualy not allowed to shoot at the enemy. Why don't you lean a little before you go spouting stuff like that.


He joined the military, signed a contract, and broke that contract. IF YOU HAVE MORAL OJECTIONS TO WAR AND THE MILITARY, DON'T FRICKING JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure, when we aren't at war, signing up for a gunner slot in the military is an easy way to get paid for nothing. But when you are actually called on to do your duty and fulfill your obligations, well now you have objections. What a complete frickin dumbarse! Hey, Sweetie, Lutherans have objections too and they won't permit their pastors from being chaplains. So, don't bitch about religion having anything to do with this.

C. Anderson

He didnt invoke veto power over foreign policy, rather he decided that he would not act on behalf of a policy he disagreed with. He simply invoked his free will not to act.

He was a mechanic at the time of his court marshall, but before that he served a year tour in iraq as a machine gunner.

Posse Incitatus

So why did he sign up to work for it? Did he think they gave veto power to enlisted men over foreign policy?

J. M. Branum

I'm glad to see Blake standing up for what is right. He has my support in refusing to fight for the imperialist american military.


He was "ordained" through the mail!




Well, since he's bisexual, at least he will get some enjoyment out of his visit to the barbed-wire hotel.

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