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September 13, 2004


São Paulo Para-brisa Reparo

A recent newspaper story noted that some residents are purchasing guns in ever-increasing numbers. Last year, according to some police departments, gun registrations increased 23 percent, and are poised to increase further in 2009.


alot of times for jamming is either the extractor has the blue insert spring in the extractor it needs to be black insert with spring bravo company sales this kits. the black insert and spring are for carbine and the blue is for rifle and mid rifle lengths. Its best to change the whole bolt carrier to bravo company also ammo can be the problem i found out that my don't like hornady ammo. i have a bushmaster orc 16" barrel and with the hornady 55gr. ammo it jam every time i change the ammo to remmington 55gr. and shot everytime

K.N. McBride

Fred: How prevalent are the jams? Could it be "teething" or something more? Also, what kind of magazines are you using?


I also Have problems with jams,I have taken mine out 2 times,cleaned it and still jams.Help


Some answers for the statements above:
As stated above, most AR malfunctions are caused by bad magazines. Some new weapons may need to be broken in as well so the parts slide smoothly. They also need to be cleaned before the first firing to remove storage grease that can fowl the gas inpingment system. I have owned three Bushmaster ARs (still have two) and they have always been reliable, even when mildly dirty. finally, every manufacturer makes a bad product now and then, thats why they have warranties.

.223Rem vs. 5.56x45mm: 5.56mm has higher pressures and can damage rifle designed only for .223Rem. Most quality ARs are designed for both, the warning refers to bolt .223 rifles, etc.

K.N. McBride

I would take it to a local gunsmith and have them look it over. The AR-15 is not a terribly complex machine so trouble-shooting it should be fairly easy. Can you elaborate on what is jamming? Could it be a bad magazine? According to Strategy Page [] the Army did a study and found that crappy magazines were the number one cause of jams.

When I was in basic I had a rifle that was so worn out that I accidentally installed the bolt backwards (I was tired). Two drill sergeants failed to figure out what was wrong until a third said "Hey, your bolt is in backwards!" One shouldn't be able to do that on an M-16, but mine was so worn the parts pretty much fit any way you wanted. I doubt that is the problem in your case.

Bob Gardella

I also bought a new Bushmaster AR 15. It constantly jams !!!
I sent it back to the manufacturer. They said that they fixed it, however, it still jams. They of course did not say what they had done, if anything. I am very disapointed with it. I am a former US Marine. I really feel I was ripped off !

K.N. McBride

In theory, they are the essentially the same cartridge and so should be fine. That being said, without knowing more about the rounds in question (and given the state of tort law in this country) I can't categorically say go ahead.

However, any local gun store should be able to answer your question if you bring the rounds in and show them.

The owner's manual should give you some guidance as well. Usually they are very specific about what types of ammunition can be used. For example, Taurus titanium revolvers chambered for .38 Special cannot shoot lead-nosed bullets. They are for jacketed rounds only, and the manual spells this out clearly.

Anonymous person

Can Bushmaster AR-15's shoot 5.56 NATO and .223 remington safely without doing any harm to the rifle?? I need to know because I have some .223 for it and some 5.56 but scared i will mess the rifle up.

S Tetrick

i have a colt ar15 A2 sporter II... It jamsm just about every time i use it after the second or third round. The issue is that it is not extracting the fired round all the way. The next round is already going up before the shell has a chance to get extracted... I have manually unloaded my magazone and has no prob. no jams. What is the issue?


I have a Bushmaster M4 ORC carbine. Does anyone know if this will handle 5.56 as well as the .223? Ive heard that a lot of civilian ARs should only be used with .223 as the 5.56 creates too much pressure.

K.N. McBride

It depends on what you want to use it for. I personally would enjoy a .22 LR AR-15 because it would be cheap to shoot and ammo is still easy to come by. But if you plan on using it to stop a Taliban ground offensive through the Ohio Valley, it would come up a little short.

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